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KB-NAAM is a special plant device design and products design company which has experience over twenty years in many different kinds of projects, using many different kinds of materials. We are working with Catia 3D CAD System, have an experimental workshop for practical development.
The workshop is fitted with CNC machine, lathe machine, and 3D printer´s - wich allows me to find out the best solution on practical tests.
It's never been a project that has been either too small or too difficult or unsolved. The love to the details pays always out. That's the philosophy of my company.
We have designed many great things because we pay effort to find the best solution you can have. And that´s is most important for us.

If you have a project wich need a solution don't hesitate to contact us.


The firm has been founded by Alexander Naam in the year:

The main duty was as a freelancer in many Engineering - companies particularly design sheet metal forming molds for the automotive industry. In the year 2008 started building up of the new office in Aulendorf Germany.


Moved into the development of carbon fiber technology, lightweight engineering. Took part in developing of the special machines & molds for production of parts for AIRBUS, Lamborghini, Audi R8, BMW Ix and more. At this whole period of time, it was necessary to be flexible and literally wide out of previous experiences in cases automation of the devices via different drivers pneumatic hydraulic or electric. Development of new kind of machines with new requirements. 


Extension around an experimental workshop with the CNC machines.


Starting of development own projects in causes small parts made from composite materials.
to be continued


Alexander Naam

Hasengärtlestrasse 68
88329 Aulendorf 

Phone: +49 7525 911 811
Email: info@anaam.de
Address : Germany, 88326 Aulendorf Hasengärtlestrasse 68 Email: info@anaam.de Phone: +49 7525 911 811